Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Invasion Horror 4 her sister?

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

Her Sister and Invasion Horror

Hilary Duff's eldest sister, Hottie Haylie Duff Hits Up New Doug Campbell Home Invasion Horror

Hilary Duff's eldest sister Haylie has been hitting the genre creds hard of late. With not only 'Backwoods', 'Fear Island' and of course the upcoming Michael Rooker helmed horror 'Pennhurst' already under her belt she's now signed up for 'Home Invasion'.

The simple titled flick, helmed and penned by Doug Campbell, will star Haylie Duff alongside 'The Hitcher's C. Thomas Howell and Jason Stuart. It's certainly going to be one hell of a horror year for sharks, aliens and home invasion flicks. Amongst the other HI flicks you should look out for are 'Stash House', 'Kidnapped', 'The Replicas, 'Mothers Day' and a sequel to 'The Collector'!

"'Home Invasion' tells the story of a single mother who fatally shoots a burglar in self-defense and then joins a support group where she makes a friend, not knowing her new pal is the burglar's girlfriend seeking revenge."

The shoot is set to kick off early next month in LA.


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